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Wenzhou Yanjiang Security Seals Factory

[China] Cable seals, Steel wire seals, China security seals

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Item No. CS001
Main Application: Different kinds of vehicles, container etc.
Raw Materiasl: Steel cable wire, zinc lock body
Size: Cable length: 280mm it can be adjustable, Cable diameter: 1.8mm or 2.5mm
Colour: Red, yellow, green, blue, grey, orange or white
Printing: The marks and sequential numbers are laser engraved
Tensile strength: More than 3500N
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Katalog/Branche: Sicherheit -> Roadway safety


Wenzhou Yanjiang Security Seals Factory

Straße:No. 22, Hongfu Building Wenzhou Econ & Tech Zone
Telefon: +86 577 81370616
Fax: +86 577 86668252


Name und Vorname: Cathy Lin
Telefon: +86 577 81370616
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